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Episode 12: ‘Trust and know that you will figure it out’ Malene Barnett shares how our results comes from the inside not outside

July 14, 2017

In this episode of She’s Got Drive we have Malene Barnett of Malene B Studio A global designer, Founder and Design Director of Malene B, a company specializing in handcrafted custom carpets, inspired wallcoverings and artisan tiles. Her luxe creations have enlivened premier hotels, iconic office buildings, and sophisticated private spaces. , She has been featured in Huffington Post and Design Sponge columns, in both national and international press. 

In this episode Malene shares:

  • What inspires her designs and how she produces her products 
  • If there is ever a right time to launch a business 
  • Why her Grandmother influences her and strengthened her in work
  • The lessons she learned about herself in the early part of her business 
  • Her tips on effective networking and building relationships 
  • What to do when you loose your inspiration or excitement in your business 


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