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Episode 116: Renae Bluitt on Black Women and their Pathway to Freedom

April 2, 2021

YES we are back with my first interview of this return season - Renae Bluitt. remember when Issa Rae said " I'm rooting for everybody Black" - well this is Renae but add Black women. She really is a stand for Black women living and being their best selves. We had a fantastic conversation when I sat down with her last summer. 

Renae L. Bluitt is a Brooklyn, New York-based filmmaker, digital content creator, and branding expert who serves as an advocate for Black women’s accurate representation in the media. With over a decade of experience, Renae has gained valuable insight into Black women entrepreneur’s narratives — a passion that she recently channeled into her first film as Creator and Executive Producer of the documentary, “She Did That.” which premiered at the ESSENCE Music Festival and is currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S., Canada, UK/Ireland, Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. The film, which offers an up close and personal look at Black women entrepreneurs, addresses topics like the funding gap for women of color.


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