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EPISODE 121: Black Mothers are Dying - And It’s a Scandal says Jennie Joseph and Mars Lord

May 7, 2021

Today we  have an important episode  with Jennie Joseph and Mars Lord. Its the first time I have had two women in the guest chair. We discuss female maternal health and Black and Brown Community.  We are in crisis. In our conversation we talk about what is going on and what is needed.  

So grab your cup of tea, or drink of choice  and you might want to take a walk as you listen to these two amazing and inspiring women. 

JENNIE JOSEPH  is one of the most well-known and respected midwives and advocates worldwide for family-centered healthcare. She is widely accepted as a hero in birthing circles because of the positive outcomes she has seen through her simple yet profoundly successful model of prenatal care known as The JJ Way®. Joseph is a British-trained midwife who moved to the United States in 1989 and has worked as an independent midwife in Florida since then. The JJ Way® is a midwifery model of care that simplifies prenatal care, removing barriers to care in a medical system which is known for having many hoops to jump through.


MARS LORD: Award winning doula and birth activist Mars Lord has been a birth keeper for well over a decade.  She has had the privilege of working with hundreds of families. A birth activist, with a desire to see the ‘colouring in of the landscape of birth’ and finding out the reasons for the maternal and neonatal morbidity rates amongst the BAME community, Mars created Abuela Doulas a doula preparation course primarily, but not exclusively, for women of colour. Her desire for reproductive justice led to the creation of the ‘Reproductive Justice Retreat’. Mars was recently recognised in the Mayor of London's Hidden Credits campaign and continues to speak out for cultural safety and reproductive justice. 


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