She’s Got Drive: Black Women talk about Success and how they achieved it.

Episode 5: Paulette Rowe says Never Underestimate the Power and Importance of Networking

May 20, 2017

In this week's episode Paulette Rowe, Managing Director of Payments Services and the most senior Black woman in Barclays UK. You may not have heard of her but the business she runs impacts at least 1 in 3 financial transactions that happen in the UK every day.

Paulette talks to me:

  • about the importance of networking;
  • how she became a banker versus an actor;
  • the importance of P.I.E - find out what this means it's not the food you eat
  • and why we need to take risks and seize opportunities even when we think we are not quite ready;
  • and how sometimes we can get in our own way.


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